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These pages are dedicated to the life and music of the famous swamp-rock singer and song writer.

The presented material was collected from various sources; most of it from editorials on record covers.

I have included every piece of information that I am aware of. Therefore, if you miss something it's most likely because I didn't know about it.

Please send me your comments about these pages and any additional information you might have.

Unfortunately, Tony Joe passed away on October 24, 2018 in his house in Nashville as a result of a heart attach. He will forever live in our memories.

August '96 - October '18, Martin Doppelbauer, Karlsruhe, Germany

P.S.: I receive a lot of mail messages asking where to buy a special album. I'm really sorry folks, but I can't help you. TJW's albums are real collector's items (except the CDs, of course) and not available in regular shops any more. You should try second hand lp-stores. In fact that's where I got most of my albums from. But it all depends on good luck.

"I'm almost like a lone wolf out there. I just play my guitar and don't worry about it. They don't know if I'm black, white, country or rock."
(...hear him talk, 176 KB)

Tony Joe White Discography

1968 Black And White Studio Album
1969 ... Continued Studio Album
1970 Tony Joe Studio Album
1971 Tony Joe White Studio Album
1972 The Train I'm On Studio Album
1972 The Best Of Tony Joe White Sampler
1973 Catch My Soul Movie Soundtrack
1973 Homemade Ice Cream Studio Album
1975 Best Of Tony Joe White Sampler
1976 Eyes Studio Album
1980 The Real Thang Studio Album
1983 Dangerous Studio Album
1984 Roosevelt And Ira Lee Live Album
1986 Tony Joe White Live! Live Album
1991 Closer To The Truth Studio Album
1991 Tunica Motel Maxi CD
1992 Tony Joe Maxi CD
1992 Swampsnake Soul Live Album
1992 Tony Joe White Live Live Album
? Swamp Alligator Live Album
1993 The Best Of Tony Joe White Sampler
1993 Tina Maxi CD
1993 The Path Of A Decent Groove Studio Album
1994 The Best Of Tony Joe White Sampler
1995 Lake Placid Blues Studio Album
1999 One Hot July Studio Album
2001 The Beginning Studio Album
2003 Snakey Studio Album
2004 The Heroines Studio Album
2006 Uncovered Studio Album

The Fan Magazine 'Swamp Box'

In 1993 Cyril Dohar established the first European Tony Joe White Fanclub. Since then four issues of the fan magazine 'Swamp Box' have been released, all in a mixture of french and english language.

If you want to get in touch with Cyril, write to:

 Swamp Box
 Cyril Dohar
 78, rue Chaptal
 F-92300 Levallois
Please use SASE (self-addressed-stamped-envelope). One issue is 5 dollars, the club subscription is 40 dollars (for people in France 150 FF).

Here's just a short overview of the major contents of the past issues:

 No 1, January 1993
 - exclusive interview with Tony Joe White of 03/30/1992
 - complete discography of 45 tours records
 - complete discography of albums
 - interview with Erick Bamy

 No 2, September 1993
 - infos about 'Tony Joe & The Mojos'
 - newly released albums
 - information for record collectors
 - listing of artists and albums that played TJW's songs
 - interview with Jacques Plait (producer of Joe Dassin)
 No 3, September 1994
 - infos about Lightning Hopkins
 - infos about 'Tony Joe White & His Combo'
 - newly released albums
 - interview with Blue Bolt

 No 4, January 1996
 - interview with Tony Joe White of 05/11/1995 in Paris
 - newly released albums
 - discussion of a concert tour TJW gave in Paris, June 1995
Of course, those fanzines contain *much* more infos than listed in this short overview; they are an absolute 'must have' for anybody who is interested in the music of Tony Joe White.

Interesting links

Links related to Tony Joe White

The official Tony Joe White site.

This site by Leo van Dam has lot's of infos about his records, especially about his single releases.

Links related to Michelle White

The official link to Michelle White.

Links related to other Artists

You can find everything about Waylon Jennings here.

A fan site dedicated to Swamp-Rock music.

What's new ?

30/12/07 Included the new album, moved to a new URL.
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15/06/01 Included the new album and repaired the guestbook.
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04/17/99 Included pictures and informations about "Tony and his Combo" to the biography section.
04/16/99 Introduced the latest album "One Hot July", added Chords of several songs.
10/25/98 Added a link to my new guestbook.
06/27/98 Corrected some links, added infos about Michelle White and
         a new promotional copy of a TJW live album.
03/29/98 Added some infos about TJW's new Album and a photograph
         that shows him with two friends in the 60s.
02/22/98 Added information about TJW's new Australian tour.
11/08/97 Added a new album (Swamp Alligator). Thanks, Mark!
11/02/97 Made some changes in the link section. Added a page about
         Tony Joe White's daughter's new album Butterscotch.
08/26/97 Added some information and the lyrics of Polk Salad Annie.
05/24/97 Inserted a lot of new scans on all of the pages.
         Added a complete listing of all US singles.
         Changed the layout to 'Frames'.
         Added several Artists who sang cover versions of TJW's songs.
04/20/97 Introduced a new page 'Concert reviews and interviews'.
03/31/97 Added a concert review of TJW's appearance in Australia
         on the main page.
03/20/97 Added information about the 'Swamp-Box' Fanzine on the main
         page and infos about the TJW TV-Special on the last music
         page ('His work for and with other artists').
03/09/97 Tony Joe White is on Tour in Australia and New Zealand! Added
         concert dates on the main page.
02/03/97 Due to the re-release of his first three albums on Warner
         new information about the first three singles has been added
         at several places.
01/28/97 Added some information about Joe Dassin
         on the 'Other Artists' page
12/19/96 Added information about a concert in Easter 97.
12/08/96 Added a link to a Dutch TJW fan-page.
11/01/96 Added more information about Joe Cocker's album "Organic".
10/23/96 Added some information about Joe Cocker's new album on the
         'His work with and for other artists' page.
10/17/96 Changed the main page completely. Inserted the 'Discography',
         'Interesting links' and 'What's new' sections. Did some
         fancy artwork, too.

A big 'Thank You' to Jukka Leino, especially for his infos about the 'Catch My Soul' movie and his scans.

And another one to Jean-Louis Lamaison who made a *very* impressive TV-special about Tony Joe White and was so kind to send me a copy. You can find more infos about it at Roger van der Lann's web-site.

Last but not least I'd like to thank Cyril Dohar very much for sending me the past four issues of his fanzine!

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