Michelle White


Sugarhawk, 1997

        Old, Old Man (What Are You Made Of)
        7cts An Hour
        A Really Cool Summer
        If You Only Ask Me To
        One Thin Dime
        Cookie Jar
        Chasing The Crows Away
        Some Girl From Kentucky
Produced by Michelle White, Mark Addison, Ronnie Rivera, John Leventhal.
Recorded at various locations.

Michelle: Vocals, Wurlitzer
Joey Zimmerman: Stand-up Bass
Kevin Austin: Drums
Derek Zimmerman: Tamborine, Djembe, Bata, Caxaxi, Poupou Sticks
Mark Addison: Bass, Drum, Piano, Guitar, Organ
Josh Segal: Flute, Mandoline, Violin
Mark Karan: Guitar
Al Berry: Bass
Michael Kerns: Guitar
Gary Myrick: Guitar, Background Vocals
Brenna Gibson-Redpath: Harmonies
Daris Adkins: Guitar
Jimmy Christy: Drums
Tony Ruiz: Bass
Tony Joe White: Bumble Bee, Guitar (on Menutha only)
Anne King: Trumpet
Maia Sharp: Saxophone
Christy Beliki: Trombone
James Ralston: Guitar
Shawn Lee: Drum
John Leventhal: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Organ

This is Michelle White's first album. Her father wrote one song (Menutha), but most of the other ones were done by Michelle herself.
Recording was done at various locations (and I guess over some months if not years...), hence the great number of musicians.

The CD is available directly through Sugarhawk Records, 6114 Winans Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068, U.S.A.

 The single release will be "Menutha" (? no more Infos about the single are currently available - has it been released ?)


River Records, Sony Music France

The songs are identical to the US-release "Butterscotch", except that "One Thin Dime" was left out and the order is different.


Michelle White / Martin Doppelbauer / November 2000 / Martin.Doppelbauer@arcor.de