Tony Joe White - his music

Studio albums 1976-2005


20th Century Fox, 1976

	Soulful Eyes (White)
	Susie-Q (Hawkins, Lewis, Broadwater)
	You Tought Me How To Love (White)
	You Are Loved By Me (White)
	Rainy Day Lover (White)
	We'll Live On Love (White)
	Making Love Is Good For You (White)
	It Must Be Love (White)
	Texas Woman (White)
	Hold On To Your Hiney (White)
	Swamp Boogie (White)
	That Loving Feeling (White)
Produced by Tony Joe White and Sy Rosenberg ("Susie-Q" and "It Must Be Love" only)

Tony Joe White: Guitar, Harmonica
Billy Wayne Herbert: Bass
Don Chandler: Organ, Piano
James Govan: Drums
Willie Hall: Drums
Rene Coopman: Vibes
Plas Johnson: Saxophone
Background Vocals:
Venetta Fields
Julie Tillman Waters
Maxine Willard Waters

Another version of this album without "Susie-Q" and "It Must Be Love" exists, too.
"Swamp Boogie" is different from the song "Swamp Rap" on "The Real Thang" and "Dangerous".
This album is currently not available on CD.

The Real Thang

Casablanca, 1980

	I Get Off On It (White, White)
	Disco Blues (White)
	Red-Neck Woman (White, White)
	Polk Salad Annie (White)
	Swamp Rap (White)
	Grounded (White)
	Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies (White, White)
	Even Trolls Love Rock'n'Roll (White)
Produced by Tony Joe White
Recorded at "The Rat Hole", Nashville

Tony Joe White: Guitar, Harmonica
Jeff Hale: Drums, Rattler
Steve Spear: Bass
Thomas Cain: Organ
Waylon Jennings: Guitar

"Polk Salad Annie" and "Even Trolls..." were re-recorded for this album and are not identical to those versions released on "Tony Joe White" and "The Train I'm On". These 'discoised' versions actually don't work very well, especially "Even Trolls.." is simply boring.
Tony Joe's wife, Le Ann, helped writing the lyrics for "I Get Off On It", "Red-Neck Woman" and "Mama Don't Let...". She would do that on several other of the following albums, too.
"Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies" is an answer song to "Mama Don't Let Your Baby's Grow Up To Be Cowboys" which was a hit-single by Waylon Jennings some time before.
This album is currently not available on CD.


Columbia, 1983

	Dangerous (Cobb)
	Naughty Lady (White, White)
	Our Day Will Come (Hilliard, Garson)
	If You're Gonna Love Somebody (White)
	Swamp Rap (White)
	Do You Have A Garter Belt (White)
	Down By The Border (White)
	Lady In My Life (White)
	We Belong Together (White)
	You Just Get Better All The Time (White, Christopher)
Produced by Ron Reynolds and Tony Joe White
Recorded at Cotton Row Recording Studio, Memphis

Tony Joe White: Guitar, Harmonica
Marvell Thomas: Keyboards
Shanne Keister: Keyboards
Alan Steinberger: Keyboards
Jeff Hale: Drums, Percussion
Steve Cobb: Bass
David Chocran: Bass
Terry McMillian: Percussion
Sam Levine: Saxophone
Background Vocals:
The Cherry Sisters
Mark Gray
Strings: The Nashville String Machine
Strings arranged by Shane Keister

"Swamp Rap" is a re-recorded version of the same song that first appeared on "The Real Thang"
This and all subsequent albums were originally released on CD, too.

Closer To The Truth


	Tunica Motel (White)
	Ain't Going Down This Time (White)
	Steamy Windows (White)
	Good In Blues	(White)
	Love M.D. (White, White)
	The Other Side (White)
	Bi-Yo Rhythm (White)
	Cool Town Woman (White)
	Bare Necessities (White)
	Undercover Agent For The Blues (White, White)
	Main Squeeze (White)
	Closer To The Truth (White, White)
Produced by Tony Joe White
Recorded at Muscle Shoal Sounds, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Tony Joe White: Guitar, Harmonica
Roger Hawkins: Drums
David Hood: Bass
Steve Nathan: Keyboards
Spooner Oldham: Piano
Harvey Thompson: Horns
Mickey Buckins: Percussion

"Steamy Windows" and "Undercover Agent For The Blues" were big hits for Tina Turner.
This was Tony Joe White's highly acclaimed comeback album in the 90's.

The Path Of A Decent Groove

Remark/Polydor, 1993

	On The Return To Muscle Shoals (White)
	Catawalling Alley In Nice (White, White)
	I Want To Be With You (White)
	Backside Of Paradise (White, White)
	Mojo Dollar (White, Rector)
	Way Down South (White)
	Tina (White) 
	Jaguar Man (White)
	Up In Arkansas (White, Rector)
	Always The Song (White)
	2 Hot 4 U (White)
	The Coldness Of The Chain (White)
	The Path Of A Decent Groove (White)
Produced by Tony Joe White
Recorded at Tony Joe's home-studio

Tony Joe White: Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Bass, Keyboards
Giles Reaves: Drums
Most of the tracks were cut with a drum machine.

"On The Return To Muscle Shoals" sounds just like "Undercover Agent For The Blues" with different lyrics.
"Backside Of Paradise" is more or less a slow version of "Steamy Windows".
"Way Down South" sounds like "Do You Have A Garter Belt".
"Up In Arkansas" sounds like "On The Return To Muscle Shoals".
"Always The Song" sounds like a slow version of "Catawalling Alley In Nice".
"The Path Of A Decent Groove" sounds like "Closer To The Truth".

Question: does it work if a song writer makes an album all by himself (composes all songs, plays all instruments and does the producing) ?
Answer: no! This is IMHO the most boring TJW album. No new ideas and sound like on a demo-tape.

Lake Placid Blues

Remark/Polydor, 1995

	Lake Placid Blues (White)
	Menutha (White, White)
	Paris Mood Tonight (White, White)
	Bayou Woman (White)
	The Guitar Don't Lie (White, Dassin)
	Let The Healing Begin (White)
	Louisiana Rain (White)
	The Beach Life (White)
	High Horse (White, White)
	These Arms Of Mine (White)
	Wampus Kitty (White)
	Yo Yo Man / Garter Belt (White, White)
	Down Again (White, White)
	I'll Make Love Good For You (White, White)
Produced by Chris Lord-Alge, Roger Davies, Tony Joe White
Recorded at Image Recording, Los Angeles and Cotton Row Studios

Tony Joe White: Guitar
Kenny Aronoff: Drums
Curt Bisquera: Drums
Steve Potts: Drums
Leland Sklar: Bass
Donald Dunn: Bass
Benmont Tench: Keyboards
Ernest Williamson: Keyboards
Luis Conte: Percussions
Jim Spake: Saxophone
Background Vocals:
Natalie Jackson
Marleena Jeeter

"Lake Placid Blues" sounds very much like "Catawalling Alley In Nice".
Apart from that the other songs on this album really sound fresh and new. It apparently does help to have good musicians involved in a project like this (see comments for "The Path Of A Decent Groove"). "Lace Placid Blues" is a worthy successor of the famous comeback album "Closer To The Truth".

One Hot July

Tupelo/Mercury, 1999

	Crack The Window Baby (White)
	Gumbo John (White)
	Across From Midnight (White, White)
	Goin' Down Rockin' (White)
	Cold Fingers (White)
	I Want My Fleetwood Back (White)
	I Believe I've Lost My Way (White)
	Don't Over Do It (White)
	The Delta Singer (White)
	Ol' Black Crow (White, Chet Hinesley)
	One Hot July (White)
	Conjure Woman (White)
	Selena (White)
	One Hot July - String Ensemble (White)
Produced by Roger Davies and Tony Joe White
Executive Producer: Bas Hartong
Project Management: Eileen Cleary and Chet Hinesley (Tony Joe White's nephew)
Recorded by Gene Foster at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, LA
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Image Recording, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Masterdisk, New York, NY

Tony Joe White: Guitar and Harmonica
Eric Watkins: Bass Guitar
Carson Whitsett: Keyboards
Marc Cohen: Drums
Luis Conte: Percussion
Michelle White: Synthesizer (on "Ol' Black Crow")
Chet Hinesley: Steak Tongs/Keychain (on "Ol' Black Crow")
Rachel Jordan, Elizabeth Plju, Amy L. Thiaville, Bill Schultz: String Section (on "One Hot July")

To make a long story short: there are two new songs on this album ("Don't Over Do It" - my personal favorite - and "One Hot July") and eleven others which are more or less re-recordings of songs that already appeared on his last three albums (with the exception of "Conjure Woman" - that song originates from his third album "Tony Joe").
Of course - all these well known songs have new words :-)
Don't get me wrong: if you liked what he did on his last albums you'll like this one, too. I would rate it somewhere between "Lake Placid Blues" and "The Path Of A Decent Groove". It doesn't really match the quality of "Closer To The Truth".

Here's a review of Polly Coufos from Xpress Magazine in Western Australia (8/4/99):

With his first album for a new label (named after the birthplace of Elvis, who covered many of White's songs) Tony Joe fashions more tales from the swamps of his childhood and the bedroom where things get even steamier.
Crack the Window Baby shows his mojo’s still working and the likes of Gumbo John.
And I Want My Fleetwood Back indicate his story telling abilities are intact. Taking lessons.
From his own life for his writing as ever, it is easy to swallow his notion that 'they say 1 might be lazy but 1 call it a little laid back' but on what he shows here no one is going to believe he has lost his way or has Cold Fingers. This as consistently fine a record as he has ever made.
Blues drenched, yet distilled through R&B, soul and country too, these 13 songs were laid down in quick time (four nights) in a studio in rural Louisiana, after White returned from his 1997 Australian tour.
Uncluttered with just his harmonica and snaking guitar cutting through the restful haze, White's voice shows the signs of decades of tobacco intake but what it isn't doing for his health sure adds to the mellowness of the mood.
In the true spirit of the great bluesmen, White continues to improve with age.
And he was hot as hell to begin with.

The Beginning

Swamp Records, 2001

	Rich Woman Blues (White)
	Raining On My Life (White)
	Ice Cream Man (White)
	Going Back To Bed (White)
	Drifter (White)
	More To This Than That (White)
	Down By The Border (White)
	Wonder Why I Feel So Bad (White)
	Clovis Green (White)
	Rebellion (White)
	Who You Gonna Hoo-Doo Now (White)
Recorded and mixed by Chet Hinsley at Tony Joe White's home studio.

Tony Joe White: Guitar and Harmonica

This albums presents the pure Tony Joe White. Just the man and his guitar. Recorded in his own studio the album's lacking any commercial potential. However this is probably the most honest Tony Joe White recording you can get. Definitely worth listening to.


Munich Records, 2003

	Feeling Snakey (White)
	Bayou Blues (White, White)
	Nothing I Would Not Do (White)
	All Those Tomorrows (White, Hinesley)
	Dark Horse Coming (White)
	The Organic Shuffle (White)
	Living Off The Land (White)
	Rico (14) Field Worker (White)
	Hard Time With Sunday (White)
	Taste Like Chicken (White)
Recorded and mixed by Chet Hinsley.

Tony Joe White: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, keyboard, Whomper Stomper & Swamp Box
Marc Cohen: Drums
Steve Forrest: Bass
Carson Whitsett: Keyboard (on Nothing I Would Not Do)

Tony Joe and his band. New songs and some new sounds. A step beyond his recent release.

The Heroines

Sanctuary Records, 2004

	Gabriella (White)
	Can't Go Back Home [feat. Shelby Lynne] (White, Lynne)
	Ice Cream Man (White, White)
	Closing In On The Fire [feat. Lucinda Williams] (White)
	Back Porch Therapy (White, Ketchum)
	Playa Del Carmen Nights [feat. Michelle White] (White, White)
	Wild Wolf Calling Me [feat. Emmylou Harris] (White, White)
	Rich Woman Blues (White)
	Robbin' My Honeycomb (White)
	Fire Flies In The Storm [feat. Jessi Colter] (White, White)
	Chaos Boogie (White)
	Gabriella's Affair (White)
Produced by Tony Joe White and JD White.
Recorded at Church St. Studio, Franklin, TN.
Mixed by Eric McConnell and Brandon Henegar.
Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.

Tony Joe White: Vocals, Harmonica and Guitar
Carson Whitsett: Organ
Marc Cohen: Drums
Michael Bolger: Trumpet
Jack Bruno: Drums (on Chaos Boogie)
David Ralicke: Saxophone and Trombone
Steve Forrest: Bass
Jennifer Lynn Young: Cello and Fiddle

The album continues the tradition of Path Of A Decent Groove, Lake Placid Blues and One Hot July.
If you liked those you will love this. Basically it's more of the same - no surprises. But the addition of new voices, some of them popular artists of their own, adds a fresh tone to the very familiar sounds.
The album has much more commercial potential than his previous releases.


Swamp Records, 2006

	Run for Cover (White, White, White)
	Not One Bad Thought [feat. Mark Knopfler] (White)
	Did Somebody Make a Fool out of You [feat. Eric Clapton] (White)
	Louvelda [feat. J.J.Cale] (White, Cale)
	Rebellion (White)
	Shakin' the Blues [feat. Waylon Jennings] (Jennings)
	Rainy Night in Georgia (White)
	Baby, Don't Look Down [feat. Michael McDonald] (White, McDonald)
	Taking the Midnight Train (White)
	Keeper of the Fire (White)
Produced by Tony Joe White and Jody White.
Recorded at Church St. Studio, Franklin, TN.
Mixed by Chaid Hailey at Masterlink Studio (Nashville).
Mastered by Eric Conn and Don Cobb at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.

Tony Joe White: Vocals, Harmonica and Guitar
Jeff Hale: Drums, Percussion
Robby Turner: Bass, Pedal Steel
Carson Whitsett: Organ, Wurlitzer, Piano
Wayne Jackson: Trumpet, Trombone
Tom McGinley: Bariton Sax
John Catchings: Cello
The Settles Connection: Background vocals

This album continues where the last one ended. Some of the most famous artists are performing together with Tony Joe. A must have for every fan and well worth listening to for everybody else.

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